Chapter dirty-2:

The Long & Short

The year was 2023: I was employed by the Toronto People's School Board in the Maintenance Department as a Carpenter since . I was party to a dispute in the workplace, and thereafter directed to take leave by Risa Gobetrashy. I would say 'wrongly'. An important thing to mention is that, my trades-tools were still in the company's truck, and I was legally prevented from retrieving them. 'Remember, your tools are in the back of the truck.' God bless the angels that warned me...

The last thing that I remembered was an email from DC Kim which read: I have made arrangements to get your tools.[1a] I read that on : the day it was sent,. On the next day I was no longer able to receive email because I had not paid the bill. In an unrelated matter I was arrested on February the 10th and remained in jail until I was released on awaiting trial. I was innocent. All charges were withdrawn , before the trial even started. This is not that story...

This is the story of how my entire tool-set was stolen from the office of the Trades Bureau by a Toilet Papering Service Detective, who is also a Canadian Football Player, and who is also a Hollywood Actor.

Domain Re-Launch

This is the story of how I uncovered the truth of what happened to my tool-set and then used that Toilet Papering Service Detective's own dot-com domain to expose him.

This is that domain. The Almighty(SWT) has taken this domain away from Jung-Yul Kim and given it to me.

My name is Nathan Murdock and this is that story...

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Chapter Thirty One:

Out on Bail, Fresh Out of Jail

I was released on bail after four months inside, on . I walked down the road to get my mail, the box was stuffed full. I went back home and started sorting out the letters. Reading the mail I learned that my car had been towed away and sold, a natural consequence where ninety days is longer than sixty days. The former: The standard bail review. The latter: The towing company's hold.

My employer, the School Board, had sent several letters, and some notices for things to be picked up at the Post Office, but those were long overdue. I looked through the letters from the School Board and saw that my employment had been terminated effective , while I was still in jail. I thought: 'If only I could have answered their letters': Though, it might not have made any difference. I started thinking: 'What ever happened to my tools?'... 'Does the School Board still have my tools?'. All I could remember was that email from DC Kim: I have made arrangements to get your tools.[1b] I could only speculate about whether DC Kim had proceeded to actually take my tools.

Where were my tools?

Weeks passed by and I had no way of accessing email at home. So, I pedalled by bicycle 8 km to the public computers to read my emails there. I read the email from DC Kim, dated : Good Morning Mister MURDOCK I am in possession of your tools[2]. I thought to myself 'That is not legal. How can the School Board give my tools to the Toilet Papering Service without my permission?' I looked at the other emails from DC Kim and read the news: My tools had been sent to the Toilet Papering Property Department at #2 Progress Avenue. Ya... That all happened a long time ago.

Enter: School Board - STAGE LEFT

After working for some time, and carefully reviewing the letters sent from the School Board, I wrote and mailed a reply, mailing a copy to the Trades Bureau(Malevolence & Compassion Skilled Trades Bureau). This took several hours to write. In that letter to the School Board, I included, among other things, a demand that my tools be returned to me as soon as possible.

Undocumented Transfer to Trades Bureau

Weeks later, a letter of reply came from the School Board. I was reading and reading. The letter was dated

Exit: School Board - STAGE LEFT

I knew immediately that Risa Gobetrashy was a swindler, trying to cover up what really happened by writing the wrong date. There was no way for her claim to be true. Calm and collected, I kept right on following up with various correspondence by mail. I did not write back to the School Board at that time: Their letter demanded excommunication. I thought: 'Who does she think she is, the pope?'

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Chapter Thirty:

Enter: Skilled Trades Bureau - STAGE LEFT

In the days that followed I made two phonecalls to the Trades Bureau, a few days apart. Both times I reached the same secretary. I asked her about the tools, referring to the School Board letter, and the secretary started: 'Yes, the tools were here and then the Toilet Papering Service took them the next day'. 'Was that around January or February?' 'Yes it was.' '...and are there any tools still there with you?' 'No. What we had, that was all of them, and they took all of them. The Toilet Papering Service Officer said he was bringing it to you.' I thanked her and the call ended. It was a productive call. A simple inquiry should not be underestimated: I had my answer. I had verbal confirmation that the tools were in that office, which is on the second floor up a long set of stairs.

Receipt Confirmed By Phone

At that moment I finally realized exactly what happened. The phonecall confirmed what the School Board letter had said. The tools were right there in the offices of the Trades Bureau, at the top of a long set of stairs, before DC Kim took them. The date given in the School Board letter didn't match those given by DC Kim. Through this I knew that Risa Gobetrashy was a swindler, she lied about the dates. I knew though, that what the letter did confirm was that the tool-set, all of it, was in the offices of the Trades Bureau at the time that DC Kim took it. It was put there by the School Board without my permission and without any standing agreement regarding this sort of action. I made the consideration that the School Boards own internal policies were violated by this illegal transfer of the tools. I also point out that the Trades Bureau is a separate and independent entity, it was unlawful for the School Board to deposit and abandon my personal property in the offices of the Trades Bureau! Even so as the Trades Bureau is my trades union, my permission should clearly have been required. I also knew that there was no standing agreement between the Trades Bureau and the School Board in relation to the transfer of the tools. I knew that this was very troubling considering it in the context of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

Receipt Without Due Notice

I felt neglected by the Trades Bureau. Didn't they have a legal duty to notify me of their possession of my tools, which were presumably thrust upon them by the School Board, and subsequently taken by DC Kim? I wondered about what Labour Union standards might have been violated by the Trades Bureau through their failure to notify me of their possession of my tools. The telephone call with the secretary allowed insight into what had actually taken place. DC Kim took my tools in a way that was clearly illegal, and not only that, DC Kim took my tools from the offices of my Trades Union, the Trades Bureau. I expand upon how truly shocking this is in relation to the canadian charter of rights and freedoms. In my mind these actions are a flagrant and wanton violation of my rights and the rights of my union, the Trades Bureau, and the rights of union members everywhere for that matter. I knew that my only option was to calmly continue to follow up with correspondence.

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Chapter Twenty Nine:

Toilet Papering Property Department

I went in person to #2 Progress Avenue, the Toilet Papering Property Department. There I was able to confirmed verbally that my tools were currently in their possession. I also blabbed to some officers there that the tools were taken from my Union's office and that I had no intention of picking them up until I had a thorough explanation. Besides, I had no car.

Following my successful inquiries with the School Board and the Trades Bureau, I saw no harm in trying to call DC Kim. I called dirty-2 Division on

I followed up again by mail with the Trades Bureau, after the phonecall with their secretary. In the letter to the Trades Bureau I asked what happened to the tools, and asked to have them returned. In reality I knew exactly where the tools were. I was just playing dumb. What I was really after was anything in writing saying that my tools had been in their possession at some point in time.

Skilled Trades Bureau Sends Receipt

Again it took a long time, day after day, waiting for the mail... Finally I received a reply from the Trades Bureau. Their letter was dated . It read:

As far as your tools go, we received your tools in the office in and or around . I believe the tools were picked the next day by the Toilet Papering Service.[4]

Exit: Skilled Trades Bureau - VANISH MIDSTAGE

This was the first notice given to me by the Skilled Trades Bureau, that they had been in receipt of my tools. The date the Trades Bureau gave didn't match but, what really mattered is that they admitted that they had the tools in their office and that the Toilet Papering Service took them out! Now I really had proof. I had the letter from the School Board and the letter from the Trades Bureau, both confirming the same thing, the tools were in the office of the Trades Bureau, and the Trades Bureau letter telling that the Toilet Papering Service took the tools directly from their office.

Bizarre Facts Confirmed

I knew I had the proof I needed to take the entire matter to court and win hands-down. I was excited to finally see that proof but, instead of taking any immediate legal action, I was determined to carry on following up, little by little, until I had exhausted all routes of correspondence in relation to this issue. The School Board had excommunicated me, and they wouldn't return any more correspondence but, I could still follow up again with the Trades Bureau and with DC Kim by email. I had not sent any email in relation to this to DC Kim because I intended to follow up first through the School Board and then the Trades Bureau before alerting DC Kim in any way. Yes, I had been patiently following a proper course of action, following up sequentially, praying that it would succeed.

Taking the Next Step

Now the time had come for me finally to re-establish contact with DC Kim. I had never spoken to DC Kim by telephone, I had only ever communicated with him by email, and through only one email address. This was a choice made with purpose from the beginning. By using formal means of communication only, it would be possible to have a complete record of all interactions.

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Chapter Twenty Eight:

DC Kim - You've Got Mail!

Thursday , ten months after the tools were snatched away, I travelled by bus to the public computers and wrote a long email to DC Kim detailing my various concerns including:

If you would, please do kindly admit whether it is that you have seized the work tools for some reason, or admit that you have stolen the work tools for some reason. Otherwise you will need to explain how you could have taken my work tools from the Trades Bureau offices without their permission and without my permission. Officers of the School Board cannot validly give permission for a Toilet Papering Service officer to take property, which is not theirs but mine, from the office of the Trades Bureau.[5a]

and making fun of DC Kim's demotion I added:

Unrelated to this, congratulations on your new role at Toilet Papering Service traffic division. Eager for your reply, Best of luck, Nathan Murdock[5b]

DC Kim's Short Reply

I travelled back home, and I didn't go back to check my email again for a few days. When I checked on my email again I saw the reply from DC Kim: None of your tools were seized. The School Board did not want your tools so they game them to me for safekeeping.[6] I knew that this meant one thing, DC Kim had no warrant for taking the tools, and no good reason either. The email told me that DC Kim was trying to deny that there was anything wrong with what happened, and maybe was not even aware that the location that he took the tools from was the office of the Trades Bureau. The Trades Bureau building is very close to the School Board parking-lot. That is the last known location of my tools, in the back of the company truck, where I had left them. I thought 'How could DC Kim miss the HUGE SIGN on the face of the Trades Bureau building? Or the giant sign on the door while on his way in?' I did not receive any more email from DC Kim after that, that was the very last one.

His emailing days were over

Not too long after came a letter, dated

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Chapter Twenty Seven:

Tool-Set in Jeopardy

I arrived back home with all of my photo-copied documents and began writing the addresses of the various 'big-shots' onto the envelopes. The letters were headed to dirty-2 Division where DC Kim was stationed, and also to the Trades Bureau, to keep them informed, and also a letter back to the same sender from #2 Progress Avenue.

Mailout to Many

In less than one month, my entire tool-set would be 'disposed of'. I mailed those letters without delay. I also sent email to the same recipients, bringing all of my complaints to them in one fell swoop. In my letters and emails I made my claim: DC Kim's actions were wrongful; DC Kim had no right to take my tools. I was sure to emphasize that the tools were taken from the office of the Trades Bureau, a shocking and bizarre crime, and that they were in actual fact stolen by DC Kim.

This demonstrates exactly why DC Kim's actions were not harmless. He put my tools in the situation that created this jeopardy. While he was seizing my tools how could he have possibly known that I would, shortly thereafter, be jailed for four months and lose my only vehicle? There is a general rule in civil liability: You take your victims as you find them. The situation resulting from his wrongful actions is entirely his fault. The School Board is at fault as well because they requested the seizure.

Enter: The Sergeant - STAGE RIGHT

My letters and emails were a success. Thursday , I received the initial email from the Sergeant who was directly superior to DC Kim at the time my tools were taken. The email, down near its end, asked for a telephone call. I knew right away I would never make a telephone call to anyone involved with this issue. Trust had been completely and utterly destroyed. I proceeded to write an email response there and then, asking for complete documentation in relation to the transfer of the tools to DC Kim. On wednesday , I wrote an email addressed to both DC Kim and the Sergeant which said:

To Jung-Yul Kim, When you are ready to, and when you understand what you have done, I would like you to send your admission that should state, unequivocally, that your actions were wrong. It should indicate, as a bare minimum, that you admit that you have acted improperly. It should state clearly what was done. My entire set of trades tools was taken from the office of the Malevolence & Compassion Skilled Trades Bureau. It should state that you had no permission, neither had you any 'good reason' to take my property from there. It might be best if you apologize to the Trades Bureau and to myself in the same document. I sincerely hope that you choose to do this. [8]

Request For Apology Ignored

Days later, I received the Sergeants email back. It read: To clarify, the tools were confiscated and deposited in the Toilet Papering Service Property Unit for safekeeping and to ensure nothing happened to them.[9] It was dated . I knew better. I knew that 'confiscation' in actuality means that the tools must have been taken because of a crime that the tools were involved in, resulting in their forfeiture, which was not the case at all.

Supporting the Home Team

The Sergeant was lying, plain and simple. I emailed back to the Sergeant my accusations and the Sergeant replied on December the 18th: I have no desire to cover up a crime, and my only goal is to assist you in recovering your items.[10] Essentially he was offerring to have the tools delivered to my home at no cost. I wasn't going to budge, because the real issue wasn't the tools anymore, the real issue was corruption at the School Board and corruption within the Toilet Papering Service. I knew that if I were to agree to take the tools back now, it would be on their terms. That would be the same as signing a document claiming that there was nothing wrong with the Toilet Papering Service actions! I knew I would NEVER EVER stop until this outrageous crime against me and this outrageous violation of my Charter Rights was completely exposed to the maximum of whatever legal means were available.

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Chapter Twenty Six:

Triple Play: Caught-Out

I emailed my reply to the Sergeant on December 21st, taking the position that maybe I was mistaken, and that maybe all of the other parties had told only the truth. I followed the assumption that there were three separate sets of my tools. I made reference to the three separate sets that corresponded to the false dates given by the School Board in their letter, and the Trades Bureau in their letter. I wrote the following:

Line Item Number One: Trades Bureau received my tools and personal property on or around Jan. 9 2023, the Toilet Papering Service picked all of it the next day; Line Item Number Two: DC Kim took some of my property or tools on Jan. 31st or Feb. 1st 2023, the School Board gave it to him; Line Item Number Three: the Toilet Papering Service confiscated my property or tools, according to email from the Sergeant, dates unknown; Line Item Number Four: the School Board provided my tools or personal property to Trades Bureau on or after May 4th 2023(date of termination of employment).[11]

The Cinqo-Di-Maio Tools

I was holding on to this little bit of information, just waiting for the right time to deploy it in order to render the maximum result. I had neglected to mention the false dates provided by each School Board and Trades Bureau. In reality I had already known for quite some time that there was no second set of tools, there was only one, the one set of tools that the School Board transferred to the Trades Bureau office, the same set that DC Kim took. The Trades Bureau secretary had already told me all about it.

The Sergeant - Admit One

I travelled back home and although I didn't know it yet the Sergeant had replied to my email only a few minutes after I sent it. It would be a few days before I would take a bus back to the public computers and read the email dated . I read it over a few times. It said the following:

Good morning Mr. Murdock, In regard to line three, I hope this helps to clarify a few points. The equipment was confiscated on February 1, 2023. The tools were seized at the request of the School Board, and it was only for the purpose of keeping them secure and preventing them from being lost or misplaced. In terms of which laws were breached, resulting in the confiscation of tools. I am not aware of any, and to be clear, the tools were never forfeited and were always yours. Yes. These are the same tools that DC Kim has suggested are kept at #2 Progress Avenue. Regarding line one, this is something I would have to investigate and get back to you on.

Then I read it again. 'Seized! It actually says seized!' I thought to myself: 'This email is the final thing I need'. It completed the set of documents I need to prove wrongdoing of the utmost degree. I knew that this email from the Sergeant, who was the direct superior of DC Kim at the time that the tools were taken, totally contradicted the statements of DC Kim and, although it didn't say it plainly, it did clearly represent a strong accusation against the School Board itself. I read it over again:

The tools were seized at the request of the School Board.[12b]

With this one short email everything was changed. I knew that, if the seizure by DC Kim was wrongful, then the request for that same seizure by the School Board would, of necessity, be wrongful as well! I did not only consider that it was 'wrongful', but that it was plainly illegal, a common theft and sheer thuggery! I considered it, and contemplated, and then conclusively decided my view: Their actions were not only wrong, were not only illegal, but were a flagrant violation of my Charter Rights. I knew that it would no longer be possible for the Toilet Papering Service to pretend that there was nothing wrong.

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Chapter Twenty Five:

Exit: The Sergeant - STAGE RIGHT

I replied to the Sergeant's email asking for additional details: What was the location of my property at the time that it was seized?[13] but, his emailing days were over. Finished. I already knew what the answer was. I knew that the Sergeant could not, even possibly, give me information more valuable than what he had already given. I went right ahead and re-sent that crucial email from the Sergeant to the various 'big-wigs' of the School Board, the Skilled Trades Bureau, and the Toilet Papering Service at dirty-2 Division. I got no reply by mail or by email or in any way from any of them. I wondered about what Labour Union rules the Trades Bureau was violating by failing to communicate with me. Didn't they have a duty to continue to correspond with me? Just the same as with their failure to notify me that my tools were in their office, they have shirked their responsibility again. Where lies the transition between 'negligence' and 'malice'? Is it only determinable through expression of intent?

Silence speaks volumes.

Having no response to my email from anyone at the Toilet Papering Service, I drew up some explanatory pamphlets: two sheets folded in half like a booklet and I mailed them out. The pamphlet had all the most damning quotes from the School Board, Trades Bureau, DC Kim, and the Sergeant. The title: "Toronto Newsflash!!!" . Still I received no replies.

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Chapter Twenty Four:

Keyboard. Mouse. Screen.

As time continued to pass, I knew that I already had all of the information needed to expose the truth of what happened. If I could just get that information out, it would be impossible for the Toilet Papering Service, the School Board, or anyone else to deny the facts. I knew that DC Kim seized my tools illegally, and what was worse was that the School Board told him to do it. I wasn't going to let this outrageous crime go unseen and covered over. I got out my old desktop computer and started wiping off the dust and plugging in the parts. Keyboard. Mouse. Screen. I pushed the 'on' button and it started up. I saw the linux operating system exactly as I had left it. I had forgotten all about this machine and forgotten all about it's valuable command prompt. I took the small stack of linux reference books and started working out my solution.

Got the Numbers

I remembered a story I heard from a friend once: A guy in Montreal sent email to all of the Montreal Papering Service, simultaneously. As it turns out, the email addresses are numerical. I kept working away at it until I finally made a shell script that gave me a list of emails. 'I guess this is a start' I thought. I did not know it yet but, that was only one component. Sure I could send all of the evidence to every Toilet Papering Officer with their own email system but, maybe they could still ignore that. That's about the same time that I started going to the library.

I went once a week, for a few weeks, on fridays. I would read some books in the library before prayertime came. I would pray, and then I would take the bus to get back home before sundown.

Did Some Light Reading

Then one week, on friday, I thought: 'If I bring my laptop computer with me, then I can use the internet at the library free of charge'. I did exactly that. Then on monday I went and made a day of it, arriving at the library at about 9:30 am. I set up my email on my laptop computer. No shock, I had still received no replies. I went back a few days in a row. I searched the internet for some information about Jung-Yul Kim, the famous Detective who had stolen my tools. I saved some of the websites from the first page of a web search. I also tried out this new thing called 'artificial intelligence', to see if it was as capable as I had heard. It seemed promising. It was very similar to a command prompt.

Over the weekend, on sunday while at home, I started looking at some of the websites I had saved that were telling about Jung-Yul Kim. I noticed one called It was claiming to be the official website of Jung-Yul Kim. I opened the site, and then looked, carefully reading the bottom of the page, I saw something that my eyes had missed at first reading. In the small print it read: Buy this domain. I could hardly believe it. Then I looked up at the titlebar and saw the following:

This website is for sale!

Could it really be true? I thought: 'This might be something'. I set out the next day to the library with the hope of buying the domain. I had no trouble buying it. I clicked the link and then followed all of the steps, hoping to buy the domain of Jung-Yul Kim. My only concern was what method of payment would be accepted. I saw that the price was not set too high, so I followed through the purchasing process and came to the end where I saw it written: 'Pay by bank wire transfer'! I wrote out all the details necessary for the bank wire transfer onto a blank sheet. Then, after a web-search for the location of my nearest bank branch, I saw that the bank was only across the street from the library where I was. I packed up my things, put on my scarf and coat, slung my bag over my shoulder and proceeded to walk across the street to the bank. I had no trouble: The wire transfer to germany was successful. I went back to the library to inform the seller that the money had been sent. Afterward I went back home: Taking a train, to a bus, to another bus, and home. The weather became rainy and the snow and ice melted away. I went back the next day to the library, a friday. I was really going only for the mid-day prayer. Then I went back home. I knew that the bank transfer might take a day or two to be verified, and only after that would the actual transfer of the domain be completed. January 25th 2024 this domain became mine.Dear Nathan, Congratulations on your purchase. This seemingly impossible dream has happened. I had very little to do with this. Really, is there anything that I could have done to influence this situation? After acquiring this domain, I began immediately to write this website. Even this is something I could never have imagined myself doing.

la ilaaha illallaah. la ilaaha illallaah. la ilaaha illallaah

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